Letters: Dreaming of the ultimate tax haven

The old saying that there will always be taxes obviously doesn’t apply to certain members of society, writer says

There will always be taxes, just not for everybody.

Receiving my property tax notice in the mail, and realizing the increase over the past five years, I was painfully reminded that, unlike some politicians, I will never be able to give myself a five, eight or 12 per cent raise to make up for the tax increase. This means that with the steady rise in our cost-of-living I will actually be earning less in the future.

And then, of course, there is the scandal where leaked documents have shown how crafty public employees (politicians), business executives and some famous artists make a fool of law-abiding, tax-paying commoners like you and I by evading taxes altogether. (Just the tip of the iceberg, mind you.)

Interestingly, to my knowledge, only the prime minister of Iceland took the right step and resigned. I am reminded of a former boss of mine in the “old country” (Germany)… He once said that anyone who pays taxes is a fool. His strategy was to own several businesses around the globe and cleverly shift his earnings around by investing in his own enterprises.

The old saying that there will always be taxes obviously doesn’t apply to certain members of society. I used to get quite upset about these injustices, especially the ones committed by those we elect and pay to serve us. The enormous debt our current government is putting us into will certainly not somehow, miraculously evaporate. The tax-payer always ends up footing the bill.

However, I now take great comfort in knowing that there is a tax-free place after all; it’s called Heaven. With all that is going on in the world today I realize that things are only going to get worse, as was also clearly predicted in the ancient Scriptures of the Bible. It is good to know that Jesus Christ made a way for our eternal souls to enter into that tax-free zone one day soon when He returns.

Mario C. Alleckna