Letters: Crime in Chilliwack – Can heaven help us?

Here’s a novel idea, writer says. What about inviting the Creator of the universe back into our city and into our lives?

The increase of crime in our city is very worrisome, no less than the rise in drug use and its devastating consequences on human lives. Many of us are seeking creative ways to bring about positive change.

So here’s a novel idea. What about inviting the Creator of the universe back into our city and into our lives? We used to be able to pray in our schools, and gasp; we even had the Ten Commandments posted on its walls. Interestingly, crime and drug use weren’t as much of a problem then.

I know, I know, that’s no longer a politically correct thing to even consider. And besides, most of us believe that this God is no longer relevant. After all, life supposedly got here on its own, and evolved over billions of years, so who needs God?  Yet I wonder if that dismissal is tied to an increasing lost sense of meaning and purpose in life, and resultant social and moral confusion and chaos?

But what if God’s Not Dead? (In case you missed the movie by that name you can probably find it on Netflix). What if this Creator is all about our health and happiness, and wants a relationship with us that ultimately gives life purpose and meaning? Sure the bad and ugly are often blamed on God (despite not believing He exists). But the original world was perfect, and only got that way through a choice to disobey (which we inherited), which broke the relationship.

But God didn’t change His mind about us, and so “put skin on” and lived and died to bring us back into relationship, which we can have for the asking. True, there are a lot of counterfeit versions of this faith around, yet ironically this only proves the authentic exists.

Just ask anyone who has come off of the street or otherwise, who has a relationship with the Creator of the universe, and they will tell you that their life (though not without problems), now has meaning and purpose, which allows them to live life intentionally loving God and others.


J. Goosen