Letters: A call to protect Little Mountain

Writer wants to see all future development on Little Mountain stopped.

The green space of Little Mountain is nothing less than spectacular. The scenic beauty and wildlife is nothing less than world class. See photos at www.larryparisphotography.com/wonders-of-little-mountain.

The highlands and north side of Little Mountain are graced with many very large Big Leaf Maple trees and Western Red Cedars.  Much of the land where these trees thrive is privately owned for future development.

I was walking through these trees this morning and realized that they are not just very large and beautiful, but they are also part of the huge carbon sink that is Little Mountain (they also oxygenate and clean Chilliwack’s air).

I propose that the mayor and council of Chilliwack stop all future development of Little Mountain and designate the undeveloped remains of Little Mountain “The Little Mountain Carbon Sink Wilderness Area.”

The federal government just days ago signed the new international climate change agreement. What a feather in the cap of the mayor, council and residents of Chilliwack if we collectively announced to the world and demonstrate that even a relatively small city such as Chilliwack can play a significant role in making the future world as livable as Chilliwack is now for the children, wildlife, and all of nature.

The collective wisdom of the mayor, council and the residents of Chilliwack will find a way to buy the private lands as part of this future legacy.

If enough of you share this vision it can become a reality about which we can feel very good for a very long time!


Larry Paris