LETTER: Victims of theft in Chilliwack deserve action

LETTER: Victims of theft in Chilliwack deserve action

‘Completely unfair’: Car window was smashed, purse stolen

Theft and vandalism have increased drastically in Chilliwack. And cops care more about someone going five km/h over the speed limit.

I had my car window smashed and my purse stolen, and it included my IDs, debit cards, cash, service dog card and much more. They used my cards at gas stations, and I’ve got their photos from security cameras. But the cops won’t do a single thing about it because there’s no proof they were the ones that broke into my car.

But they are still using my cards, which is fraud.

Because of this, I’ve had to miss work, pay to get my IDs redone, and order a new service dog card, and still pay $300 to get my window and paint fixed. But these guys get to just walk free with $350 worth of stuff that they bought using my cards and cash.

This is completely unfair, and I want justice for not just myself but for everyone else in Chilliwack who is a victim to these crimes.

Deseray Smith