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LETTER: Use of bad language a double standard

‘Hypocritical pontificating is glaringly transparent and blatantly offensive to many people’

In reference to the letter by Pat Johnston decrying church attendance in spite of the provincial health order, I am responding to make clear my disgust with the glaring double standard that is being applied by some of the public and certainly this newspaper.

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[*Editor’s note: The word in question was not suitable for print and the letter in question was later edited.]

Johnston writes, “These [people] do not wear masks and then they are going out into the community….” Excuse me but did I read that correctly? How on Earth can this newspaper print vitriol like this? Where is the public outcry over this? Where is the editorial denouncing this kind of derogatory remark?

When Barry Neufeld (absolutely inappropriately) labeled the editor of this newspaper [the R-word] he was denounced for his remarks. This same newspaper, however, now prints equally inappropriate and derogatory remarks about Christian church attendees.

For the record, I am not taking a position here on church attendance neither am I condoning or defending Barry Neufeld’s remarks, so don’t bother hurling those accusations at me. I am simply pointing out your hypocritical pontificating is glaringly transparent and blatantly offensive to many people.

Ron Neels

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