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LETTER: University professor’s column offered a lesson in governance

John Redekop’s wise words contrast against MP Mark Strahl’s accusatory and divisive stance

Professor John Redekops’s clear, example-filled article (Chilliwack Progress, Feb. 25, 2022) offered a lesson in governance. It made me think, compared Canada’s constitution to other countries, and provided an explanation of extraordinary powers available to the Canadian government during an emergency. Certainly when loud protesters would not disperse, there was an emergency.

Contrast that column to Chilliwack-Hope MP Mark Strahl’s “there is no emergency” as reported by Jennifer Feinberg in the same issue of the paper. Has the MP not been paying attention? If nothing else, American-Canadian trade was severely interrupted.

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And the lack of clarity about Mr. Strahl’s tweet in defence of a woman whose identity is in doubt. Really? That’s what he thinks his role as MP should be?

Canada’s Constitution, a noble but pretty dry document which divides powers, is essentially about peace, order, good government. I wonder if I am alone in wishing Mr. Strahl would simply quietly work towards a better future for all constituents?

Thank you Professor Redekop for broadening the conversation and adding to it.

Mr. Strahl’s words on the other hand are accusatory, divisive, narrow, and inflammatory.

Karen Saenger

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