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LETTER: Trustee Furgason is not interested in students

‘I suspect he actually would love to destroy the current public system from the inside’

Trustee Darrell Furguson’s submission in the Christmas Eve edition of the Chilliwack Progress (“Trustee responds to editor’s opinion”, Progress Letters Dec. 24, 2021) is a clear demonstration of why he is not fit to sit as a trustee.

He seems to think the trustee role is to engage in theatrical diatribes against his perceived enemies. Mr. Furgason has no apparent interest in improving public education and rarely brings any positive ideas forward that might contribute to an improved public school education system in School District 33.

I suspect he actually would love to destroy the current public system from the inside, perhaps in favour of parochial schools of old, or possibly even “separate school districts” run by churches who do not even pay property taxes.

Now, some might call him a bloviating narcissist, while others might look at him as just a clueless man with delusions of grandeur but, either way, Darrell’s only interests are Darrell and certainly not the students in School District 33.

(P.S. Although I was a candidate in the 2018 Board of Education election, and have a keen interest in public education, I am not running in 2022.)

Peter Lang

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