Letter: There is more to society than ‘saving money’

Let’s examine our priorities, reader says. Surely money is not the most important.

This is in reference to the article on ending Seniors’ discounts, The Progress March 6.

Harry Kitchen is obviously right on. He will certainly get high marks for his financial expertise. He will save loads of money for the government and anyone else that offers seniors’ discounts. Obviously, there are seniors who take advantage of the various discounts available and that shouldn’t be allowed, no matter how many seniors who depend on the discounts lose their ability to travel to doctor’s appointments, shopping, to visit relatives or friends. After all, they don’t matter much; not nearly as important as “saving money.”

While we’re at it, why don’t we discontinue employment insurance? We know there are some people who take advantage of this system. Stop it and they won’t be able to cheat anymore. Of course, we will have all the legitimate unemployed who will be cut off without a cent to deal with but we’ll be “saving money.”

Another savings would be to stop social assistance. There are cheaters in that system, too. If we cancelled it they wouldn’t be able to cheat us anymore. We’d be “saving money” again. I don’t know what we could do about the thousands and thousand of people who legitimately collect this money as they would now be homeless and hungry on the streets.

Isn’t it time we examined statements made by Mr. Kitchen and others with the same ideas? Is “saving money” more important than the welfare of the citizens of British Columbia? Does he not realize that there will always be people who will take advantage of the system. It does not makes sense, however, to cut off the legitimate recipients who depend on these services for their existence, because of the small percentages that cheat.

Come on, Mr. Kitchen, “saving money” is not more important than people, surely. Let’s give this a little think, OK? Let’s examine our priorities. Surely money is not the most important.


Jerry Riches,