LETTER: There are no stupid pets, only stupid pet owners

‘Having a pet is a big responsibility’

On Friday Jan. 8, I was on the way back from shopping. As I was driving over the Yale Road overpass I noticed a woman with a couple of shopping bags walking a black pitbull-type dog. It seemed the dog was pulling or not behaving as it was suppose to act, and this woman thought it was justified to kick the dog.

It makes me sick to think that there are people in our community that think it’s OK to abuse animals. If this dog didn’t behave it’s your fault not his. You didn’t take the time to train him.

Having a pet is a big responsibility, time consuming and expensive. If you can’t afford training, vet visits and decent food and most importantly, time and patience, don’t get a pet.

There are no stupid animals, just stupid owners. If I were you I would be deeply embarrassed to treat a loving loyal being like you did. Shame on you. I hope this was a one-time thing, but somehow I doubt it.

Sabine Clarke

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