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LETTER: Thanks to a Good Samaritan

Anonymous stranger pays for half an expensive vehicle repair

The best gifts are unexpected ones. On the morning of Dec. 26, I started up our minivan and was annoyed to hear a slight ticking sound coming from beneath the hood. To try and put my wife’s mind at ease I reasoned that it was likely due to some ice buildup with the recent frigid temperatures. I decided to take it into OK Tire in Chilliwack two days later as the noise did not seem to be getting any better.

We prayed for good news and hoped any repairs would not be too costly. After a short wait I received the dreaded news; there were metal filings in the oil and the engine was unrepairable. We had two options. We could get the engine replaced or shop for a different vehicle.

I was feeling quite upset about both these options as I pulled our kids’ two car seats out of the back of the van. The service manager was very patient as he explained the cost of an engine replacement, and didn’t question my request to think about it overnight before I made any decisions about such a costly repair.

The next morning my wife and I were feeling anxious and undecided about the best course of action when the service manager from OK Tire called.

He said “Merry Christmas. A Good Samaritan has offered to cover more than half of your repair bill.”

I could hardly believe it.

We wish to offer a heartfelt thank you to the Good Samaritan who stepped up in our time of need. My family is extremely grateful, and we look forward to being able to pay forward this timely act of kindness.

Kyle Froese

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