LETTER: ‘Swingers’ are a real problem in Chilliwack

No, not those swingers

I’d like to report a problem I’m having with a certain group of Chilliwack residents that I call “swingers.”

And no, I’m not talking about consenting adults doing unmentionable things behind closed doors. The swingers I’m referencing are driving their cars and when they encounter a parked car or cars on their side of the street, they cross the centreline and swing into the oncoming lane. Invariably they do this regardless of any vehicles coming at them in the other lane. Apparently, these swingers see parked cars as more dangerous than a head-on collision.

So now that you know who you are, I have a couple of questions for you. First off, when was the last time you saw or heard of a parked car that jumped straight sideways into the driving lane? No, I’ve never seen or heard of that either. (It would make quite a story though, wouldn’t it.)

The other question I have for you is, what on Earth do you think you’re driving? One of those giant ore trucks they use in strip mining? Or perhaps a semi truck with a wide load and a pilot car?

If you think your car is so wide that you need both lanes to negotiate your way around a parked car then I suggest you hire one of those pilot cars to escort you to and from the grocery store. Now there is a simpler solution to the problem. Stay in your lane!

Gordon Smith


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