Chilliwack-Hope MP Mark Strahl. (Mark Strahl/Facebook)

LETTER: Strahl’s choice for Conservative leader shifts with the wind

‘Interesting to watch how MP Strahl sails his ship on the upcoming political sea’

Just a reminder to the electorate of Chilliwack-Hope of MP Mark Strahl’s statements of support for his party leaders.

We need not review his support for Stephen Harper and similarly defeated Andrew Scheer. I mention them only because MP Strahl’s allegiances shift with the winds.

As reported on August 24, 2020, he called Erin O’Toole’s win a “unifying victory” and sent his sincerest congratulations to the new leader of the Opposition.

On March 9, 2022, according to a report in The Progress by Eric Welsh, Mr. Strahl endorsed Pierre Poilievre for Conservative leader even before hearing any policy discussions from any of the other candidates. He forgets that cogent policy by the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) was among the chief reasons for its defeat in recent elections. Strahl seems to be telling the voters to trust him in his choice, but his record is less than exemplary. His choices have been failures as deemed by the electorate in Canada. I think it is time for us to reconsider if MP Strahl has the judgment to represent his riding.

The CPC is sorely fractured. It has not been able to communicate a unified front with good policies that would attract voter trust.

It will be interesting to watch how MP Strahl sails his ship on the upcoming political sea.

His mainsail may be starting to rip.

Wayne Underhill

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