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LETTER: Story on trustee harassment was ‘most disappointing’

‘A one-sided account which is not, nor should ever be, the aim of a news story’

After reading the rather extensive report by reporter Jessica Peters, “School trustee speaks out about harassment,” (Chilliwack Progress, Nov. 12, 2020), where school Trustee Willow Reichelt makes some strong allegations against fellow Trustees Neufeld, Maahs and Furgason, I’m a bit concerned.

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I’m not concerned with what the trustee says. She has the right to say anything she wishes. My big concern is that nowhere do I read where the reporter has made any attempt to question the three whom Trustee Reichelt seems to be upset with for their rebuttal or comments.

When a person makes such strong claims about individuals in a news story it is common practice to give the other side an opportunity to respond. I see no indication that any such effort was made which leaves me wondering why.

This piece is obviously not an editorial, nor an “opinion” piece. It is a one-sided account which is not, nor should ever be, the aim of a news story.

It comes across as a slanted piece of journalism and most disappointing.

Andy Fraser


[Editor’s note: This letter was sent to The Progress on Nov. 6, 2020. Mr. Fraser was told via email that the letter would run in print, however, it has been explained that he has since passed away.]

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