The aftermath near the Cheam Centre in Garrison Crossing after yet another all night party by area teenagers in July 2021, a situation causing frustration for some residents. (Submitted)

LETTER: Some Garrison residents tired of teen graffiti, direspect, vandalism and loud parties

‘Enough is enough’

The residents of Garrison Crossing are getting tired of kids in the neighbourhood being out until 3 in the morning, screaming, yelling, and vandalizing the village and keeping residents awake.

This is getting worse every week. Setting off firecrackers in 45 C temperatures, the “woods” being sectioned off with yellow tape and residents told to stay in.

B-B gun holes in condo owners’ window, constant disrespect and swearing at owners, private property and cars being damaged and stolen from, not to mention bottles and garbage strewn all over.

These kids need to be held accountable.

Enough is enough.

Garrison residents

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