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LETTER: Saving 45 seconds isn’t worth the risk

‘I’m begging you all, please slow down and pay attention’

People run red lights for various reasons; they’re running late and can’t afford the delay, they thought they could make it through the yellow light and misjudged the timing, they couldn’t stop in time, they weren’t paying attention, no one was coming, or they really just don’t care. Whatever the reason, running a red light is never OK.

When you run a red light, you choose to save around 45 seconds in exchange for the high risk of causing an accident.

The corner of Chilliwack River Road and Promontory Road is one of the worst intersections involving red-light runners. Every time I go through that area I see at least one vehicle doing it.

I’ve complained to the police but nothing has been done. Unfortunately, someone will die before they pay attention.

I’m begging you all, please slow down and pay attention. Saving 45 seconds isn’t worth the risk.

S. Daily

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