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LETTER: Salish Plaza security overzealous

‘Harassment’ with $86.50 tickets when customers step off the property

I would like to let the customers of the businesses occupying the Salish Plaza site know that there are some overly zealous parking lot attendants hired by Diamond Parking Ltd. of Surrey. They are issuing tickets for $86.50 should you park in the lot to do your banking business at the CIBC bank, then venture across the street to go to the TD bank, as my elderly husband did on April 29, 2022.

The parking lot is owned by Anthem Properties in Burnaby and the money collected by these people doesn’t stay in Chilliwack.

Shame on the businesses in that plaza that allow that kind of harassment to go on while Mayor Ken Popove and city council, along with Trevor McDonald of the Downtown BIA, are doing everything possible to encourage Chilliwackians to shop downtown and leave the money in our community. Time to rethink where our loyalties should be focused.

M. Minato

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