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LETTER: Retired pastor says faith leaders need to be role models

‘Most of us can see that we have a crisis when it comes to leadership within the faith community’

I want to thank Arthur Isaac in regards to his letter, “Retired pastor decries illegal gatherings.”

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I couldn’t agree with him more!

Being a retired pastor myself, I realize more and more the importance of being a model and a witness to all those we have contact with. Not only to those we have contact with in a church building one day of the week but even more important to all those we meet throughout the week. It used to be that the pastors were on top of the list of being respected and trusted by the community, but today according to the Ipsos Reid research firefighters are on top with 77 per cent and pastors are close to the bottom of the list with only 24 per cent.

Most of us can see that we have a crisis when it comes to leadership within the faith community. As leaders of the church we need accountability which so often is not accepted; as in my case when I was asked recently by a pastor to be on his accountability list. But the moment I addressed a concern to him I was taken of that list. I don’t know Arthur Isaac but he is calling pastors to accountability.

What will be your response, pastors?

Vic Peters


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