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LETTER: Retired Mountie says interfering with church services is a criminal offence

‘It’s concerning that the public health officials are escaping prosecution’

I’m concerned that the offence of interfering with church services under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Criminal Code of Canada is being hidden from the public at large.

Please read of section 176(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada. This section makes it a dual procedure offence to interfere in a religious service. It’s an arrestable offence by citizen or police.

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[Editor’s note: Neither the RCMP nor other officials have interfered with church services as of yet, but the churches have been issued fines for violating the public health orders on in-person gatherings.]

The Charter of Rights is the Supreme law followed by the Criminal Code. Freedom of conscience and freedom of assembly are unassailable rights in Canada or were until the Liberal Government of Canada became too cozy with the dictatorship of the People’s Republic of China.

Parishioners and anyone affected by unlawful actions such as an offence under section 176(1) have recourse under our law.

Certainly private informations can be sworn before a justice against anyone who commits such and offence at any courthouse. Penalties upon conviction can indeed result in incarceration.

It’s concerning that the public health officials are escaping prosecution along with those who blindly follow their direction.

I am troubled that the authorities, specifically the public health officials are not being charged with a criminal offence(s) in regards to their law-breaking.

Leland (Lee) Keane


Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada (MPPAC)

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