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LETTER: Regular vehicle inspections and speeding enforcement is needed

There are too many loud vehicles on the road
(File photo)

Thank you to Mr. David Peters for writing about the lack of speeding enforcement (Progress Letters, July 22, 2022, “Call for enforcement.”)

This is a very dangerous problem. The fine for speeding has not changed in many years. It needs to be increased substantially. Speeding needs to be enforced on No. 3 Road going into Yarrow, on Vedder Mountain Road, and on Cultus Lake road.

Many with an ‘L’ on their vehicles are speeding, and passing when it is unsafe to do so.

Also, we should have regular inspections of vehicles. Too many loud vehicles and vehicles with their front/side windows darkened, which presents a danger to law enforcement.

Many years ago there was a motor vehicle inspection facility on West Georgia Street in Vancouver and it served a useful purpose.

We need one in Abbotsford and/or Chilliwack.

I know that they do inspections on commercial vehicles, and a high percentage fail, which shows the need for inspections on all vehicles. Inspections for brakes, tires, lights, shocks, and muffler systems.

Rolf Van Nuys

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