LETTER: Reader says Strahl and Conservatives show a lack of vision

‘The Conservative Party will not win the next election by a long shot’

The Progress has given MP Mark Strahl a platform for his comments regarding the recent Liberal federal budget. Therefore I feel it is only right that I also will be given the opportunity to speak.

I have to say that I would have shrivelled up if the Conservative Party had been in power during the pandemic here in Canada. Just the name “conservative” would have been a clue as to their reaction.

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Strahl’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has not appeared anywhere on the pages of The Progress or particularly in the House of Commons. He recently sent out a mail consensus form asking the usual question: “How am I doing?” I saw several forms lying in the apartment mail garbage box, and this begs the question: What are you doing, Mark?

Then right in the middle of all of our national problems with COVID and in making sure everyone gets out and gets a shot, Erin O’Toole, leader of the Conservative Party announces his big plan for carbon emissions stating several times that “it is not a tax.”

It is not a tax, no sir, it is not a tax. The only thing is that every economist and pundit in Canada has stated that it is a tax.

O’Toole’s video had as its background visual fluffy clouds and green grass – everything is safe with us folks he is trying to say – the only thing missing for me was pigs flying.

Finally, I have a word for Mr. Strahl, the Conservative Party will not win the next election by a long shot, with your lack of vision and obsolete, stale, expired, extinct, invalid agenda which is completely out of touch with Canadians.

Jack Kopstein


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