A man carries items in a plastic bag as he walks own Evergreen Way on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018 in Everett, Wa. The City of Everett is looking at a ban on the bags.  (Andy Bronson / The Herald)

LETTER: Plastic bags are convenient and multi-use

Senior with a disability disappointed in decision to get rid of plastic bags

As a senior with a disability, I am very disappointed in the decision to get rid of plastic bags that are deemed to be single use.

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Those bags are multi-use in most homes, especially mine. They scrunch up nice so they fit in my pocket, a bonus for those of us who use a cane. I can put multiple items in it unlike paper, which has a specific shape. I had four cans in a paper bag and the bag was too cumbersome to carry safely. I have enough balance problems as it is.

My other question is why these are classified as a problem because they are single use when garbage bags, which are definitely single use are not? They are a lot thicker and a real threat to our environment, yet are perfectly acceptable.

I know a lot of people will tell me to use a reusable bag. Ironically this was one of the first things banned due to health concerns during COVID. I don’t use them because they are awkward.

If I am grocery shopping I choose to pay for bags. I would just like to know where this new money will go? It is not a deterrent to people like me, even though we are on fixed incomes. It is a necessity if I wish to shop independently.

Shirley Carruthers

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