Chilliwack school trustee Barry Neufeld (bottom right) lights a cigarette during a public school board meeting held via Zoom on Jan. 12. He was also seen drinking from a wine glass before his video feed cut out. (Screenshot)

LETTER: Nothing wrong with Barry Neufeld smoking, drinking during school board Zoom meeting

‘Clearly we have a school board with some two-faced double standards second to none’

I have read the articles about [Chilliwack Board of Education trustee] Barry Neufeld’s bad behaviour and I saw it on the news.

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It is quite within your rights to speak out about bad things like that. From that point I presume absolutely nobody on the Chilliwack School Board smokes cigarettes or drinks wine.

Did I get that wrong? Oh, I get it, they smoke and drink wine behind closed doors. Out of sight, out of mind.

Doing it in hiding is perfectly acceptable, but doing it on Zoom meetings is not acceptable. Clearly we have a school board with some two-faced double standards second to none when it comes to dealing with Mr. Neufeld.

So, my question is: “What’s next?”

By the way, I attend other Zoom meetings that are both national and international and people there do pretty much the same thing.

Maybe this school board should chastise them as well.

Maybe not.

David Morgan

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