LETTER: No scientific evidence to suggest ‘anything other’ than two genders

LETTER: No scientific evidence to suggest ‘anything other’ than two genders

Some Chilliwack trustees espouse ideology over science, says letter writer

In his recent column in the Chilliwack Progress (Elected officials shouldn’t edit video feeds of public meetings, Dec. 4), Paul Henderson rightly states that, “Part of the role of the media is to follow what elected officials and senior staff at public agencies are doing, to pay attention to what is being done by whom, when, where, how and why.”

I agree. But then why does he give a pass to a trustee who publicly extols the merits of science when it suits her own ideology but then hypocritically disregards the scientific consensus when it comes to gender dysphoria?

In reference to the science of climate change trustee Willow Reichelt is quoted by Henderson in the same issue of the Progress (Chilliwack scientist shocked to hear climate change denial from some school trustees, Dec. 4) as saying that, “It’s a little alarming that in this room it’s considered controversial to say that human beings are causing climate change, especially for those in charge of education.”

Ouch. Would you like to repeat that Willow? Did you just suggest that science should trump ideology?

I admire Reichelt’s sincerity in her advocacy for children and youth. We all ought to be concerned about bullying and, certainly, youth who are troubled by gender-related issues deserve our love, care, support and protection. No disagreement here.

But to suggest that gender is a spectrum, to suggest anything other than that gender is binary is clearly anti-science. There is absolutely no credible genetic, biologic, or scientific evidence to suggest that there is anything other than two possible genders: male and female. Zero.

How I feel about my gender is a completely unrelated issue. Science needs evidence; troubled youth need support.

“Shouldn’t they be looking after the best interests of the children?” Instead of science trumping ideology, some elected officials clearly espouse the opposite. Do your job, Mr. Henderson!

Ron Neels

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