Anybody who wants to help Todd Mitchell clean up the garbage at the now closed Temporary Alternative Shelter Location — at the intersection of East 1st Street and North I Street — where many homeless residents still live. (Matthew N. Wells | The Daily World)

LETTER: Many homeless people are difficult to house

‘Unfortunately each year our homeless count rises’

In response to Jay Todd, “People don’t wake up and choose homelessness,” Progress Letters, Feb. 25, 2022.

Unfortunately, each year our homeless count rises.

It hurts to witness this but what makes me happy is that there are resources available because Chilliwack does care. Whatever circumstance led to someone being homeless is not going to resolve it. It is what it is and Chilliwack is dealing with it.

Having said that, a large percentage of the homeless population are addicted to drugs and when you say, “House them,” it’s not that simple. Would you rent to a full-blown drug addict who won’t accept help?

The first step to positive change for an addict is accepting help. Many homeless folks who aren’t on drugs did accept help. Maybe you missed out, but they are out there now, living happy, positive and productive lifestyles. However, it would make a difference if low-level drug dealers were caught and put in jail.

As long as police slow the drug supply chain, and safe injection sites are available, there’s hope for homeless addicted people.

They’re not remaining homeless because landlords are turning them down. For some it is by choice.

If you’re really concerned about homeless people, maybe you should open your door or make a donation.

I’m proud to see the positive results. It may not end the problem but it’s a step in the right direction. Thank you Chilliwack!

Arthur Henault

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