Letter: M2W2 looking for volunteer friends

There are currently seven Rowat House inmates who are waiting for M2W2 Volunteer friends, writer says.

Yesterday I went to visit my friend Romeo at Rowat Avenue, CSC Halfway House. As always I was well received by office staff who called for my M2W2 Buddy whom I first met in 1980. He has actually been out of the Birdcage for 18 years, no infractions whatever since then. As providence would have it I also met his PO (Parole Officer). His comment about Romeo was that he was a “great guy”.

Most Chilliwack residents, I am sure, do not realize what a great treasure they have just off Young Street, on Rowat Ave., the western extension of Chilliwack Central Road. As a result of my visits to Rowat Halfway House over the years I have connected with five inmates who have become wonderful friends, none have been “repeaters”, taking on jobs, uniting with their families and friends. The wholesome tone and atmosphere speaks for itself.

There is more! The Chilliwack Bowls of Hope Society provides delicious, wholesome lunches for 400 children in neighbouring schools. These lunches are prepared by the residents/inmates  at Rowat House, 45914 Rowat Avenue. What’s more the healthy ingredients are from the greenhouses on the Rowat property, these crops also are grown by the Rowat House residents.

Here is a challenge for friendship building: there are currently seven Rowat House inmates who are waiting for M2W2 Volunteer friends. I would encourage you to just drop by the office, you will be very welcome to just say hello.

George H Epp