Rolly's Restaurant in Hope is closed on Oct. 20 as they fight to stay operating without a business licence. (Jessica Peters/ Hope Standard)

LETTER: Life is good here in ‘vaccine land’

‘I believe it is my civic duty to be vaccinated, wear a mask, and distance as well as possible’

As a retired businesswoman, I look in horror at the practices of Rolly’s in Hope (“Diner owner in B.C. Supreme Court facing injunction, Chilliwack Progress, Oct. 22, 2021.

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I too had a restaurant and so I know that you never want to disappoint the health authority or the local government or, even worse, liquor control and licensing. And, if a business is trying to make ends meet, I would think that one would endeavour to appeal to 80 per cent of the population rather than a meagre 20 per cent. As part of the 80 per cent-plus of citizens that are vaccinated, I would never set foot in a restaurant where I might run the risk of being near unvaccinated people – because I can still possibly catch COVID and I don’t want to have and possibly spread this disease, no matter how mild a case I might get.

I believe it is my civic duty to be vaccinated, wear a mask, and distance as well as possible in order to do my best to help beat this virus. I say to the owners of Rolly’s, “Stop right now imagining that your civil rights are being violated. Civic duty far outweighs any ideas of ‘civil rights’ at this time. It’s not for you to decide what your personal rights might be, it’s for government and the law to decide what’s best for everyone.”

We are in a serious health crisis and all stops have to be pulled out for us to survive. I have zero respect for self-centered flouters of the law and I am amazed that Rolly’s doesn’t see that they are shooting themselves in the foot in so many ways you can’t imagine – and for what? To protect their “right” to get COVID and spread it?

C’mon, just get your shots, it’s really so easy. Life’s getting pretty decent out here in Vaccine Land. Last Sunday we went to a wonderful concert at the Orpheum and then had a lovely dinner at Chilliwack’s Vita Bella.

Pauline Harms

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