Letter: Left lane laws unenforceable

We can make all the laws we like, unenforceable ones simply waste time and money, writer says.

As a person who commuted from Yarrow to Guildford for over 25 years, perhaps I am entitled to speak to this issue. Once you have taken a job that requires you to commute some distance daily, you must learn several things. Among the first, after roughly what time you need to leave home, comes the realization that the least frustrating way to do this is to simply go with the flow. Judge the ambient speed of traffic that day or that mile and do your best to blend in. You can largely ignore the speedometer.  If you’re overtaking too many people, you’re going too fast, if people are bunching up behind….

Then, suddenly, you’re slowed to a virtual crawl. Some self-important goof, with the cruise set at 99.5 km/h is dominating the left lane, and has no intention of moving right any time soon. Tension builds, tempers flare, and people do stupid things! Unfortunately, a new, unenforceable law will not fix that! Patrol cars on the side of the road will not identify who the culprit is. Helicopters every 10 kilometres might, but that is not financially viable. Hence, my subject, ‘silly law’. We can make all the laws we like, unenforceable ones simply waste time and money!

Don Brewer