Wildfire in Lytton, B.C., seen on June 30, 2021. (@guyatsfu/Twitter)

Wildfire in Lytton, B.C., seen on June 30, 2021. (@guyatsfu/Twitter)

LETTER: It’s true, Lytton has a pulse

‘Thank you to 95.7 FM’

Recently my husband and I were returning home from Prince George, and saw the effects of last July’s fires at Lytton for our first time.

We were stopped at the Lytton exit while waiting for a pilot vehicle to guide us through the one-way bridge repairs. Many scorched vehicles are still evident along the road, as well as blackened tree skeletons. Behind the green privacy fencing erected roadside were the remains of the former town.

A voice came on our radio announcing “Lytton Radio Station is on the air at 95.7.”

That was followed by ‘Crazy,’ a song by Patsy Cline. I found it encouraging that in spite of all the devastation, Lytton has a pulse. Thank you to 95.7 FM.

Linda Sache


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