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LETTER: If everyone did a little, a lot could be done

‘How nice it would be if Chilliwack could be the first homeless free community?’

It has been said that many of us are only three missed paycheques away from losing everything. I can personally vouch for that, though it is not the intention of this letter.

Chilliwack has a population of 83,000-plus with a five per cent homeless population. That means close to 400 men women and children are on the streets.

If Chilliwack had a social crisis of five per cent would our indifference change? Pedestrian deaths, impaired driving, etc.would receive immediate attention. Yet the homeless, who were or are part of a family are left to live in tents if they are lucky enough.

We crowd the seasonal stores to buy this and that. Pretty sure that those who fill home improvement stores have a home. Certainly those maxed out grocery carts don’t have empty pantries and fridges.

If every person drops $5 into a kettle, close to half a million dollars could be raised.

Organizations and their dedicated volunteers work tirelessly with limited resources trying to help the homeless, and they will be the first to tell you that alcohol and drug use is not the main reason for homelessness. The wealth controlled by 95 per cent and it’s time they shared.

Innovative and creative solutions like the one created by Alexis Stollings (Chilliwack Progress, Nov. 19, 2020) making mats out of plastic bags are signs of hope that even the younger generation wants to make a difference and we thank her.

Christmas is about sharing and giving. How nice it would be if Chilliwack could be the first homeless free community and lead by example?

T. Toth

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