(AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

LETTER: Government should not be providing cellphones with plans to kids in care

‘It is becoming more attractive for some youths to live in government care’

It is disappointing that the B.C. government feels it is appropriate to provide free Apple iPhones with data packages at the taxpayers expense, to all youths age 13 and over in government care.

(Editor’s note: In October 2021 the provincial government announced that: “Youth will receive an Apple iPhone with voice and five gigabytes of data, along with a phone case, screen protector and charger. Government will cover all costs.”)

Where are the free iPhones for the thousands of youths living at home, who cannot afford to buy their own iPhone?

It is becoming more attractive for some youths to live in government care, where government (taxpayers) pay for iPhones with data packages, post secondary education and many other benefits that many parents cannot afford to provide to their own youths living at home.

If government is concerned with the safety of youths in government care, then government could provide used de-activated cellphones, which can still call 911 in an emergency.

David Peters

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