LETTER: Fear is being instilled into Chilliwack youth by ‘climate alarmists’

LETTER: Fear is being instilled into Chilliwack youth by ‘climate alarmists’

At least three of our trustees have common sense, says letter writer

Re: Chilliwack scientist shocked to hear climate change denial from some school trustees, Dec. 4.

I was so pleased to read that at least three of our elected officials have the common sense not to promulgate the fear being instilled into our youth by climate alarmists such as the Chilliwack “scientist” who was shocked by the trustees’ declaration that there is no climate emergency.

Chilliwack youth joined global climate strike demanding action plan

One does not have to be a scientist to do one’s due diligence and discover that every time an ‘expert’ over the past 50 years has predicted the end of arctic ice and polar bears, the rise of sea levels to drowning levels, the increase of global forest fires, the expansion of desertification or the increase of catastrophic storms, they have never materialized.

The arctic ice is as expansive and thick as ever, the polar bear population is robust, sea levels are not rising any faster than they have for a century, and the rate of forest fires and catastrophic storms are on the decline.

Scaring our children into thinking they have no future because humans are increasing CO2 levels – a greenhouse gas that is actually essential for life to thrive – is irresponsible and based on false information.

So thank you trustees Maas, Newfeld and Furgason for looking out for the best interests of our Chilliwack students. We need more elected officials like you.

Glen Sallenbach

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