LETTER: Expressing concern about rodeo is not ‘harassment’

LETTER: Expressing concern about rodeo is not ‘harassment’

Fair’s report to council contains misleading information, says Vancouver Humane Society

Re: Chilliwack Fair faces rising security costs, Dec. 6.

The Chilliwack Fair’s report to city council contains misleading information concerning the Vancouver Humane Society’s campaign against animal cruelty at the fair’s rodeo.

When VHS or members of the public email sponsors of the fair to urge them to withdraw their support of the rodeo, that is an example of people exercising their democratic right to take part in public discourse. People have a right to express their views about a business’s stance on a public issue, and VHS is clear about the need to engage respectfully.

This is not “harassment,” as the report mischaracterizes it.

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We would also like to make clear that VHS has nothing to do with any alleged threats to farmers or any other group. If the fair has any evidence of such behaviour, it should forward it to the proper authorities.

Peter Fricker

Projects and Communications Director

Vancouver Humane Society

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