Letter: Curling reaches a broad sector

City councillor urged to research how well used the curling facility is.

Comparing curling akin to a “rock gym” for climbers! (Chilliwack budget ready for public input, Progress March 17)

Are you serious?  Obviously you have not checked your facts Councillor [Sam] Waddington.  Have you any idea of how many curlers we have in Chilliwack and also the ages of these curlers?

Sir, you are entitled to your opinion as to whether or not a new rink is built, but I certainly hope that this lack of prior investigation is not an indication of how you make your decision on any issues in future.  Curling covers a broad spectrum of ages from juniors to seniors.  I’m a senior and I have curled on a team that was a family team consisting of my children and grandchildren.  There are not many sports that offer that same privilege.

The benefits to seniors alone are immeasurable.  We have had seniors as old as 90 still playing and keeping socially active which everyone knows is extremely important in keeping the health costs down.

Have you noticed all the school buses pulling up to the rink or been to any of the other functions that are held there?

Councillor Waddington I retired from the City of Chilliwack after 32 years of service and over my career I witnessed many new members of council who had made sometimes rather outlandish promises to the voters only to realize once elected that the Municipal Act controlled much of what they could and couldn’t do.  I voted for you, sir because you said you attended council meetings for a year and I thought this commendable.  You wouldn’t be a total neophyte and would therefore be an effective member of council very quickly. Often a new member is a great benefit and I’ve also seen some that perhaps weren’t.

It is my sincere hope that before you make any future decisions and risk putting your foot in your mouth again, please investigate all the facts.  As citizens we deserve to know that those persons who are in a position to control certain aspects of our life and lifestyle will have made a thorough investigation prior to the vote.

Bernie  Orr,