LETTER: Chilliwack should be ashamed

Everyone needs to come together to solve city’s problems, says letter writer

LETTER: Chilliwack should be ashamed

Two recent reports have disturbed me. First, that our community has the highest amount of crime in the area, and second, that 10 out of 14 care homes are substandard.

I find it strange that in a community that is faith-based that these two problems exist here, along with the tremendous drug problems and homelessness that seems to be another problem that this place should be ashamed of.

Where is the leadership from the City of Chilliwack? If the council is unable to get a handle on these problems, perhaps our two MLAs should be held accountable. Maybe it is time for our MP Mark Strahl to work with all levels of government to find solutions.

Chilliwack is a city in one of the wealthiest areas of B.C. if not Canada, and to have social deficiencies like these is unacceptable. Surely the landowners and businesses here could pay more taxes to pay for fixes. Will we have to wait until next year’s reports come out to be reminded that steps need to be taken, or will we just moan again that these issues still remain in Chilliwack?

I challenge the City of Chilliwack to marshall all the forces possible to rectify this current state of affairs. I challenge all the churches here to take a look at the conditions in this community and do something about it.

I challenge all of the politicians here to stand up and say that enough is enough. I think you all can change things here. You just need to give it a try. What better time to take steps than at this holiday season.

Wayne Underhill

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