LETTER: Canada owes much to its founding fathers

LETTER: Canada owes much to its founding fathers

As Canadians, following our federal election, we should be reminded of our founding fathers. In 1864, when the fathers of Confederation met to name this new confederation, the idea for the name Dominion of Canada was inspired directly from the word of God.

Sir Samuel Tilley, premier of New Brunswick, was reading his bible as was his custom. Reading from Psalm 72:8, “God shall have dominion from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth.”

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With confidence of divine direction, he addressed the founding fathers and said, “If we do not give God prominence in this land, it will not succeed. I propose that this country be called ‘The Dominion of Canada.’” Too often in this pluralistic, secular society have we forgotten these Canada-builders. We owe them much.

Don Breitkreuz

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