LETTER: Canada is in the dark ages by allowing abortion

LETTER: Canada is in the dark ages by allowing abortion

We have no right to take the life of another human, says letter writer

Re: Letter, “Human rights include rights of women to control their bodies,” Nov. 15, Robert T. Rock.

As a woman, I am deeply concerned that Mr. Rock thinks it should be my right — the right of all women — to take the life of another human being. Human rights include many things, but my human rights end where another’s begin. What is it about birth that changes the status of a person from unprotected fetus to protected child? It is the same living, growing human being with unique DNA. The fact that Canadian law has failed to provide a legal framework around abortion does not absolve me of responsibility to think about the moral and ethical questions of when life begins, and what constitutes valuable life vs. disposable life.

Life is inherently valuable — what kind of society would we be if vulnerable members had to prove their worth, independence or wantedness to be allowed to live? Canada is the only country in the western world that has no laws restricting abortion.

We are the ones living in the dark ages, telling women they have to kill their children to be happy and successful in our society.

Heidi Aikema

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