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LETTER: Bring back passenger rail to the Fraser Valley

Too much money and attention is spent focused on SkyTrain

I’m a big fan of riding trains and I can’t see why we in B.C. let passenger service from North Vancouver to Prince George get shut down, and Greyhound also left us.

Now something has to happen and that is we have to get trains for people to ride on. We have two rail lines, one is CN and then we have the old B.C. electric line out to Chilliwack. We don’t have to fuel locomotives with diesel, because today there are trains running on hydrogen fuel cells, much better for our environment.

But we do have a big problem, and that is all the money is being spent on the most expensive project in the world, SkyTrain. We don’t hear much from local politicians and of course nothing from Ottawa or Victoria.

It’s time to act now, we are so tired of empty promises because you you have to look after your people after all we pay taxes to.

Tage Eriksson


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