LETTER: Best dog park in Chilliwack has been ruined

Gravel surface hurts dogs’ paws, makes them dirty, says letter writer

LETTER: Best dog park in Chilliwack has been ruined

It was very disappointing when last week my husband and I took our two dogs to the Sheffield Dog Park. It formerly was a lovely grassy park where our dogs could run at top speed and play with other dogs there. We now find that all the grass has been dug up and replaced with sharp, compacted, dusty gravel.

This material is not conducive to running because the gravel is hard on their paws.

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It seems to be a small problem, but for me and my dogs, it is very important. Not only do their paws get sore, but they get very dirty from the dust in the gravel. They also don’t get the necessary run that they need every day.

We often walk along the dog Off Leash trail between Webster and Lickman, but again they don’t get a good run because of the gravel surface. The Sheffield Park was the best park in the area; now, sadly, the best park has been ruined.

We will have to find another park with a grassy surface and I do hope that there are no plans to replace the grass with gravel in any other parks in the area.

Susan Dighton

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