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LETTER: Anger over vaccine card shortsighted

Who pays for this stance?

This is in response to Helen Yeomans’ letter to the editor on Oct. 8, “Yes to vaccinations, no to passports.”

Well good for you for standing your ground. Only question I have is ultimately who pays/suffers for this stance?

First, it would seem to be yourself because you’ve possibly been assessed a cancellation fee, and even if you weren’t, you now have to find somewhere else to work out. But wait. All gyms are under the same mandates so where are you going to go?

Secondly, the gym you left is now out your membership fees, simply because they were following mandated rules and could face hefty fines if they don’t enforce those rules.

Not exactly what I would call a win-win.

If you don’t already wear glasses perhaps you should get some, and if you do wear them already perhaps you should get the prescription checked, because you seem to be a bit shortsighted.

Brenda Willway

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