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LETTER: A heartwarming gesture in a desperate moment

While sick in emergency at CGH a stranger offered a gesture of love

I have an important message for the beautiful First Nations Elder lady that was in the hospital emergency last Sunday/Monday.

I was extremely ill and throwing up constantly with my bucket in hand, when this lovely lady walked past me, six feet away with her mask on.

She stopped in her tracks, gently moved her mask to the side and blew me a kiss and said to me, “Love you dear,” with such a caring expression on her face.

I blew her a kiss back and said, “I love you too dear, thank you.”

This was so unexpected and so comforting to me. I’m 58 years old, cared for my mom at home with me, and she passed away in December 2020.

You touched my heart and soul. Your face will be etched in my head and heart forever.

Hoping you’re doing well. Hugs and kisses to you dear Elder.

Heather Leipsig

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