Let’s join the 21st century

I was wondering when Chilliwack and B.C. are going to join the 21st century?

I was wondering when our city and province were going to join the 21st century? Our dependence on fossil fuels has caused the Northwest Passage to stay open longer so I think it only fitting to send Alberta’s oil north through the melting Arctic. Maybe Christy Clark could research wave generated power? B.C. has a long coastline and wave generated power could bring much needed electricity to northern areas. It’s a constant power source that doesn’t harm nature in any way. It is more effective than solar or wind power and is not influenced by the weather. Please, Ms. Clark, check it out!

And Sharon Gaetz, I have a question for you. In the November 13th issue of The Progress, I saw the concept drawings of the new downtown and was wondering if any of the new buildings will be built according to any of the LEED standards? I did see that the roofs of these new buildings do not have solar panels on them nor any greenscaping for insulation and water retention purposes. Where is the draw for new business? Pretty new buildings are everywhere, why would a company want to set up in a dying downtown with no character, just to pay high taxes, high rent and high operating costs? And the parking for these new residents and businesses? I guess it is at the old Safeway lot? If you are going to build it, why not build it right, why not build it as green as it can be?  Please, Ms. Gaetz, check out LEED standards.


Dawn Mackay