Job action draws student anger

It isn’t the government the BCTF will be hearing from, it will be the hundreds of irritated parents and students.

I’m a Grade 11 student currently enrolled at Chilliwack Senior Secondary School.

No, I am not on any sports teams such as basketball or rugby, but I have plenty of friends who are. I am livid with the BC Teachers’ Federation and their decision to pull extracurricular support. This “job action” was supposed to be “for the kids”; it is clear now that it isn’t.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand what the teachers are fighting for and that they do deserve to be compensated for their extra work.

But seriously. It isn’t like it is a new concept that teachers have to do work outside of class time. I just think it is ridiculous that it is the students who have to suffer.

No matter how greedy it sounds, we want grad activities, and sports, and other events that make school a little more enjoyable for those of us who otherwise don’t enjoy school. When I got into middle school, I remember my principal telling the entire student body, “I know academics aren’t for everyone and that is why we encourage you to join an extracurricular to make your time in our school more enjoyable”.

The BCTF just took that away from us, and it isn’t the government that they will be hearing from; it will be the hundreds of irritated parents and students who this is actually affecting.

Shelby-Lynn Purser