Hot air about global warming

The evidence actually points out that the earth is not in a warming but in a period of cooling.

Was watching/listening to the new Sun News TV channel bringing the very latest scientific studies on global warming.  The evidence shows that the “Sun” has by far the biggest influence on the earth’s climate changes/conditions.  The evidence shows that the “Sun’s rays” far out weigh anything that man does (as we have been told/brain washed) in the way of burning fossils fuels, creating green house gases, etc. in affecting the climate and supposedly bringing on “global warming”.

The evidence actually points out that the earth is not in a warming but in a period of cooling.  This of course, has been pointed out over the years (ignored by the media) by those not on the “global warming” propaganda wagon.  I have personally listened to and read over the last years of many of the world’s most respected climatologists, scientists who have pointed out the erroneous information that the “global warming” politicians have foisted on us.  However, also sad to say, our so called “news media” that is supposedly bringing the facts has been giving us only one side of the story.  Generally, academia has swallowed this erroneous based theory “hook, line and sinker” by not being open minded and considering all the evidence.  The media is also just as guilty in not doing their “due diligence” in checking out what the facts are.

Of course, now the question is – will this latest evidence be reported by the media?  Will the education system teach our students the scientific facts or continue to push the agenda of the Global Warming proponents?

Wow, just think of those huge egos that will be fatally bruised when people are actually told the latest scientific  facts.  “It’s not global warming – it’s global cooling”!

Even with all that “hot air”  spewed out at the Global Warming Conference in South Africa this past year, sorry to say but science says it was “all for naught”.


Art Daher