Green drop off appreciated

Green drop off could be lost if people don't play by the rules, writer says.

There is a community minded company that deals in supplying gravel, soil etc. located on Promontory Road.  They offer free green drop off as a courtesy to the citizens of Chilliwack.  This, however, will probably not be available in the near future because no matter how many signs, how many times individuals are told, “only green material”, the employees there have to spend their valuable time removing other garbage such as bricks, tar paper or whatever from this area.  I don’t have green pick up and ways of stockpiling my green ‘stuff’ until I have a load big enough to justify going to the regular dump, so this was a great service where I could pop in with 3-4 bags of green stuff and deposit them there.

Thank you, to the ones who cannot abide by the rules and now we all must suffer the consequences of your actions.  Great!


Eileen Molnar