Get behind Chiefs next season

Thanks to everyone in the Chiefs organization for putting on a entertaining season, better next year!

Spring finally arrived in beautiful Chilliwack and also did the BCHL playoff run of our Chilliwack Chiefs.

Fortunately the sun kept shining but unfortunately the Chiefs hopes died last Monday night against the Surrey Eagles.

First, I have to admit that my main passion is football (the European one) but that hockey has become my adopted second since arriving here by boat from Holland 23 years ago.

For years the Canucks have been my team in the big leagues. I know that this ride has had many down and some ups but coming from Amsterdam, where Ajax was my football club all my life, you live for your team where you have your residency. So it’s very normal for me to also support our local Chiefs in anyway I can.

What surprised me greatly the last two weeks was the lack of support of this team through out their entertaining playoff run. Many times people have told me that this is a hockey town and hockey is the Canadian game and that’s why I was very surprised to see very low attendance during their playoff games.

Game 5 against Prince George only had a best 1,500 people and the do-or-die Game 3 against of all teams our nearest rival  Surrey had maybe 1,700 max.

For the ones who weren’t there I have to say you missed some great hockey. The boys worked hard, skated fast and some nice finishing skills and saves. The refs let the teams play and the game went back and forward. Felt bad for the team and the dedicated coaches when the last overtime goal was scored. Felt bad that they didn’t get the full support from a “hockey town”.

I’m wondering why the Chilliwack Minor Hockey was not there with all their kids in their team jersey’s. You think that this will be a great platform for young boys and girls to look up to and hopefully can be a role model the future Chiefs players. Maybe the two organization needs to step it up and get their resources involved in working together. I’m just saying.

I hope that we can bring more passion for the team next year and can tell the Lower Mainland that yes we are a hockey/sports town just look at the numbers attending the playoff run next year.

Thanks to everyone in the Chiefs organization for putting on a entertaining season, better next year! Go Chiefs Go


Remmert Hinlopen