Lucas Britton plays the xylophone with fellow members from the Sardis Drumline during the Drummin' for Change fundraiser at Sardis secondary on Wednesday night

Drumming for Change brings chorus of thanks

The Chilliwacky Gogos are thrilled with the success from the efforts of the Gogos and the Sardis Secondary Drumline Band fundraiser.

The Chilliwacky Gogos are thrilled with the unprecedented success  from the combined efforts of the Gogos and the Sardis Secondary Drumline Band fundraiser of  Wednesday May 29th.

The sold out crowd was an appreciative audience with the incredible result that raised over $10,000.00.  This could never have happened without the generous contributions and hurculean efforts of the following participants and contributors.

Mr. Bruno Gagnon, Teacher and Drumline Leader, whose generous heart beats with compassion and concern for others and who choreographed and created the entire show.   Mr. Gagnon not only teaches but leads his students by example which has obviously instilled them with a responsibility to improve our world!

Mr. Gagnon’s organizing team of four brilliant volunteer students, Nadia van den Berg, Esther Kim, Jonas Zimmer and Tanner Olsen that did a superb job of attending to and carrying out the many details that pulled the show together

Mr. Testa, Principal of Sardis Secondary, who graciously agreed to let this happen and whose tolerance allowed the Chilliwacky Gogos to “invade his school”.  His quiet presence meant more to us than he could ever realize.

The Drumline Band Members who “wowed” everyone with their perfect and fantastic performance that keeps their fans returning for more and never disappoints.  They showed great respect and support for the Gogos commitment to improve the lives of our African Sisters.

The World Famous, Simon Fraser University Pipe Band that rendered an amazing and impeccable rendition of their unmatched talent, waived their fee to assist our cause and generously donated the proceeds from the sale of their C.D.’s.

The Drum Cafe whose drumming, dancing and singing is  incredibly colourful and beyond most of our imaginings.   It gave us a taste for more and a desire to celebrate the richness of the African culture.    They also shared their sale proceeds with the Gogos!

The Sardis Elementary Choir who put their hearts and souls into the finale, as only young kids can, and touched everyone with the sweet concentrated effort they put into their performance – what a way to end the show!

A very deep and heartfelt thanks to Ruth Jenkins who spoke with dignity and conviction  of  her struggle and her choice to live a normal, productive life with HIV and her refusal to let HIV define her.   Ruth’s powerful message was so touching and effective that it brought the crowd of 1,000 to a standing ovation of respect for her choices and courage.

The classical tones of the Student Orchestral Musicians that welcomed the crowd, with the finesse of professionals, was a great touch and much appreciated by all.

To all the “behind the scenes” students who worked diligently to erect the sets, decorate, and did clean up with no mumbling or  grumbling – they just did it!    To the school staff:  Custodians, Teachers and a special thanks to Joann Krawchuck for her management of ticket sales.

To London Drugs for selling tickets.  To parents who chauffeured and who have nurtured some incredible kids!

To our own amazing Gogos that worked tirelessly.  To their husbands and their Children who supported us and “pitched in” with their talents and expertise.   Words fail to fully express my gratitude but my heart knows what I mean – and I think they know too!


Doreen Morrey,

Co-cordinator, Chilliwacky Gogos