Don’t confuse symbols with idols

In response to the letter by Sandy Van Eysinga that some might find this art in CGH offensive. I believe you might take this too far, after all, it is what it is, art.

Let us be clear on what we consider an idol, that is, an idol is that which is worshiped as a god. A person admiring an object of art is not the same as prostrating themselves in worship. I am a Christian and for me, I worship my God in spirit since He is spirit.

Something else I might point out is caduceus symbol of medicine that is either represented with one snake or two snakes wrapped around a pole. This symbol is used in our own medical services too. The history of these symbols are different respectfully with one a symbol of Moses’ staff and the other based on the rod of Asclepius. But that too is just what it is, a symbol.

W. Gruenwald