Dogsledding part of our Canadian heritage

The slaughter of 100 healthy husky sled dogs by Whistler Outdoor Adventures is disturbing at the very least.

I am appalled, and saddened that the needless slaughter of an animal that has had such a bond with man for hundreds of years, an animal that warmed our children’s beds, an animal that sounded the alarm when we were asleep, and helped us carve the many trade routes throughout BC.

Dogsledding has been a part of Canadian culture for hundreds of years, a part of my Metis aboriginal heritage.  These animals deserve the same respect they show us, and the culling comes post 2010 Olympics that featured all of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada.  This is an insult to a long celebrated aboriginal tradition, a Canadian tradition.

The criminals responsible for this horrific act, must be held accountable. Now is the time for the many groups who work with these animals to come forward and help restore dogsledding to the humane and respectable sport it deserves.

The call to stop all dogsledding in B.C. is concerning, and it seems the mistakes of a few could harm the greater good of all.

Louis De Jaeger