Didn’t vote? Then don’t complain

Shame on you who did not vote.

As taxpayers, as we all are, it is our duty to vote. Why not have a say on how our money is spent. Reason’s for not voting: “things won’t change,” “It doesn’t make a difference,” “I didn’t have time,” “I hated waiting in line,” “I don’t agree with all the inhouse fighting by our politicians.” Really, I have heard it all!

As adults we make choices and we pay for our choices. Elected officials get in because of their name. How bad is that?

So now when you have to pay extra taxes for whatever or benefits are taken away or money is spent on something you don’t agree with you cannot complain because you are guilty of not voting. Older people, young people, middle age people what is wrong with you wake up.

By the way, we will be having another election coming up listen to issues and open your eyes, vote, vote!

A Pomerleau