Climate change a bunch of hot air

Might I suggest that there are scientists that disagree with the “Global Warming/Climate Change” doom sayers.

RE the article by Margaret Evans “The global reach of local weather conditions” reminds me that these same people 50 years ago were “doom and gloom” about the fact that the earth was cooling.  They had all the “right scientists” backing this up with their “evidence”.

Now, Margaret tells us it is not “global cooling” but “global warming”, and this only about 50 years later.  I was not aware that the earth’s temperature changed from one extreme to the other in only 50 years.  Makes me wonder if the change was “science” or “politics”.

Her comment that “all scientist agree on is that the future looks troubling” is nor true.  Just a couple of months ago Reuters News reported that the UK meteorological experts in their study of the earth’s climate found that in the last 17 years temperatures have actually declined.  Another study: “According to the study, conducted by the University of Oslo, after the Earth’s average temperature jumped in the 1990s, it stabilized and hasn’t increased since the year 2000, the ocean has also stopped warming up quickly despite the fact that CO2 has continued to rise.”  The scientists go on to comment that there are “lots of natural factors that cause the climate to vary”.  Studies have shown that probably the Sun’s flares have a greater effect than originally thought.

How about the fact that Edmundson sailed through the Northwest Passage in the early 1900s?  What caused the tremendous global warming in the 1300s?  Interesting how we hear only one viewpoint from the media.

Might I suggest that there are scientists that disagree with the “Global Warming/Climate Change”  doom sayers.  An in-depth study of some of these experts as to how they arrived at their agenda is available written by Donna Laframboise.  She too followed the same media hype until she decided to do her own investigation.  The result was her book “The Delinquent Teenager who was mistaken for the world’s top climate expert”.  A must read to give both sides of the Climate Change story.  If you do more research, you will find that scientists who did not agree were not used in the final reports for the agenda of the Climate Change promoters.

However, I do agree that there is some climate change taking place.  We on the West Coast have had very warm temperatures while the East has been very cold, stormy, etc.  After giving it some thought, it occurred to me that the global warming experts have probably missed out on what could be a major cause of the temperature changes.  We all know that in the last 15 to 20 years the world’s climate “experts” have been holding major conferences on this subject.  South Africa a couple of years ago, and just recently in South America.  There is no question that they spew out a tremendous amount of “hot air” into the atmosphere.  We all know that the “trade winds” move atmospheric changes around the globe.  Perhaps this is one reason it is warm here and not elsewhere as the “trade winds” only follow their regular routes.

Art Daher